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Paid online advertising

Paid online advertising  – GOOGLE ,BING, YAHOO ,Facebok, TWITTER ,LINKEDIN, ADVERTISING


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Paid Online Advertising


What is Online Advertising?

Online advertising is one of the forms of online marketing for the products or brands. Online advertising is done in order to reach the customers more easily. Since the world is nothing without internet in this era, publishing the ads via online will reach your brand or product to lot of customers using internet. Online entrepreneurs may connect their readers via this type of paid advertising.

About Paid Online Marketing: 

Some other terms mentioning the Paid Online Marketing are Search engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Marketing and Paid Channel Marketing. Paid advertising is the one in which the product owner pay for ad space to advertise their brands in their websites. It is done in order to create more traffic to your site for the growth of your business.

Why Paid Online Advertising is important among marketers?

It is an effective way of advertising to bring up your company’s name among lot of competitors into the market. Although paid advertising cost little bit high to bring the traffic in your own website, it will draw lot of audience towards you. If marketers are ready to invest huge in Paid Online Advertising, they can publish their ads in most frequently visited sites by internet users to enhance their reach among customers. Ads in social media too create a drastic improvement to your business.

Strategies to be followed by Paid Online Advertisers:

Contextual Ads:

Paid advertisement of the particular product or brand is get advertised by sponsored ad system in some of the product based web pages. The ads will be in the form of text or images. This type of advertisement is mostly welcomed by the mobile users. If you target towards the mobile users can follow this type of ads. Even Google started Adsense in order to get customers via mobile advertisement.

Pay Per Click Ads:

The publisher of the ad will be get paid by the advertiser for per click of the ad by the visitors. Amount is paid based on the click on per ad.

Affiliate Marketing:

Business owners will pay the affiliates for assembling people to visit their website and the ads.


Banner Ads:

It is one type of online advertising which is seen in all websites in the form of small mini size ads about the product or brand. Web user may click on the ad and it will direct them to their site and this strategy has more viewers in internet.

Social Media Ads:

One other easy way to reach your website among internet users is social media. We know how the usage of social media has now developed in the world. So if you choose to advertise via social media like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter your site will reach easily to lot of readers at less cost.

Search Engine Optimization

It is one of the strategies to be known definitely by the persons who are willing to jump into Paid Online Advertising. It means optimizing your website for the search engine. If you learned SEO you can generate lot of traffic to your website easily. To reduce your work you can approach for the outer agencies to do SEO or else you can do it by yourself.

Things to be known for starting Paid Online Advertising:

If you are fixed any one of the strategies for starting Paid Online Advertising you have to be aware about few things before getting into the field of Paid Online Advertising.

We have to be sure that our ads are reaching the customers. If you wish to make a drastic traffic to your website then learn how to make it. Here there are some things which should be known by one who is willing to do Paid Online Advertising.

Google AdWords:

Google AdWords should be known by one who is willing to jump into the online advertising. As they offer various text and display adds with highly targeted keywords. The long term Google AdWord user will get better Return on investment and quality scores from Google.

Long Tail Keywords:

Use Google AdWords tool for discovering better keywords in your Ads. You have to use the keywords which will be looked easily by the customers. In this case you have look for long tail keywords. In this keywords will be longer but though it will be specific to your ad and make a search driven traffic to your site.

There is one another keyword called head keyword which means most expensive and broad keyword but it will be less effective within customers. Online advertisers must be careful in selecting the right keyword to reach customers.


Track your Ads regularly:

Just creating and publishing the paid ads is not a great deal. The main thing behind the success of Paid Online Advertising is tracking the ads. Google Analytics is the free and easy tool to track everything about the ads. The options in Google Analytics will create a customized URL which will help you to view all the performance of your advertising.

If you wish for getting the report about your ads then try Kissmetrics tool. This will give you the details about the traffic that your website received and the details of the amount of clicks converted into genuine leads or regular subscriber.

Review the Results:

Analyze your results of the ads once in a month to know the broad shifts in your ads. Mostly make a spreadsheet to track the statistics of your websites growth. Online advertising is not a sudden profit to your product or brand; it just requires patience and observation to reach high among customers.

How much does it cost for Paid Online Advertising? 

Paid Online Advertising allows you to control your budget. And if you wish to do your online ads at better cost then approach for Facebook ads and Google AdWords.

  • The cost of Facebook 3-day “boosts” to individual posts: $5 per cost
  • For Facebook Ad Campaigns $5 per day is enough
  • Google AdWords Clicks: $1-2 per Click

Your budget for online advertising will be less compared to that of traditional advertising.

Final Words:

Paid Online Advertising is one of the best ways to reach your products among youngsters, since most of the youngsters are spending their time in internet. Just create several attracting ads and publish in most popular websites at some affordable cost and reach your customers easily.