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Creating Contents That Get Traffic

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Creating Contents That Get Traffic

The webmaster of any site on the internet would love to get traffic without having to invest in any marketing campaign. Sounds too good to be true?

It actually isn’t so. The trick to getting traffic without having to invest in a campaign is to have great content on your website. Because of the huge number of websites in the internet good content does not cut it anymore. If any user is investing time in your website, he/she simply wants the best content that the internet can provide. Although every content or service cannot be the best, there are a few markers that you can follow to make your content look better than it actually is, and to attract internet users like bees swarming over pollen.

How to create the heading perfectly

This is the easiest of all, the content has to be presented in a manner that it compels the user to click on the website and open it. Following are a few pointers to do the thing, just like that:

  1. Go for superlatives, the user is more likely to be drawn towards the title that says ’10 Best ways to increase your SEO score’, instead of  ’10 good ways of SEO score increase’.
  2. Show the user that there is a certain benefit to the user in case he clicks on it. In the highly competitive world of the modern time, everyone looks for ways to improve themselves, titles such as “Top 10 ways to improve your body fitness”, “How to improve your website traffic in 20 different ways” are a sure shot way to generate content.
  3. The most impact-ful word, the most desired word, should be at the end of the title. Look at the heading of this article. ‘Creating content that generates traffic’ the user wants to generate traffic, hence traffic is the most important word and hence comes at the end of the heading.

How to create the Content perfectly ?

Giving advice on how to make the content perfect is a little more complicated as it is highly subject specific, hence the pointers are general do good-ers.

  1. Use pictures as frequently as possible, graphic content livens up the drab text anytime and creates a pleasing aesthetic effect on the webpages. Use icons, images over text anywhere you can.
  2. Tell it like a story, and also remind the user the benefit of continuing to read as multiple users have been known to leave the webpage half way into the content.
  3. Increase loading time of your webpage. With hundreds of webpages offering the same service as yours, it is very urgent that the loading part takes as less user time as possible or else he will be leaving your website real soon.

We at Sarthak Web Designs know how all this works and can guide you through the whole process of making your websites SEO score, much better so as to improve it’s Google page ranking and generating traffic for your webpage.

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