Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Giving much attention to the current scenario of the world of business and the way it has been affected by the magic touch of computers and technology, it is not very surprising that this technology and internet have started to be tools of marketing for the multinational companies. This has paved a way to the development of newer and faster marketing technologies such as digital marketing, use of multimedia and many more. In fact the use of these technologies has become a necessity for anyone wanting to get a boom in his business and be noticed on this digital platform that connects the whole world in a single click.

Digital Marketing

Now what exactly is digital marketing? It is a combined marketing bunch of measurable, targeted and interactive strategies that may be used for the promotion of any type of product or service. This kind of marketing puts to use various kinds of digital technologies and hence is commonly known as the digital marketing. Being a very powerful method of promotion, it is much useful in the business if adopted. It has the potential for the conversion of your major leads into customers. The enhancement of sales is the main motto of any digital marketing service. The other objectives may be the promotion of brands to raise their brand value. The traditional marketing by the use of television and mobile is now being overrun by the use of internet. People today prefer to use the internet as a marketing tool considering the fact that it has a larger outreach than compared to any other means of marketing.

Digital marketing is not just a single term but takes under its roof many other strategies of marketing like search engine optimization, e-commerce, social media optimization, influence marketing, content marketing, content automation and much more. The fundamental foundation of the digital marketing concept is the use of inbound marketing approach or the customer centric approach as it is famously known as. Every company in today’s business world requires digital advertising for rise in business. We as a company that provides digital marketing services, consider all the various areas that are to be given priority when marketing for you on the digital interface. Our centre of focus is always on various aspects like online advertising, collaborative environment, segmentation and influencer marketing. There are multiple channels that can facilitate digital marketing but the responsibility of the advertiser is to search for those channels that result in the maximum of two way communication exchange and lead to a better return of investment for the brand. We find for your company the best channel for marketing and see to it that our digital marketing services help you jump up many levels in your brand value. We put to use various online marketing channels such as email marketing, affiliate marketing and many more to make your business the centre of attraction on the internet. Apart from the basic techniques of pay per clicks management, social media optimization, search engine optimization, we always try to keep finding out newer way that help in the generation of traffic to your website.

We have eminent clients from various fields of work in which they hold expertise and on the whole all they have to say about us in common are only words of appreciation and praise for the timely delivery, innovative ideas and user friendly interface created by us. The services we render are of the best quality and apart from helping your business getting noticed and generating traffic for the website, it also helps in increasing the Google rankings of your website.

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PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

Pay per click (PPC), also called cost per click, is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked. It is defined simply as “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked.”

PPC (Pay – Per – Click)

Pay per Click is a form of advertising, where in the business owner can advertise their brands on a search website. The intention behind this way of advertising was to get noticed. The advertisers are charged, when a person clicks on the ads.

It has been seen that Pay per Click is not a preferred way of advertising among business owners. But there is hope, if you change the way you look at it, then it is not that bad, as it is perceived.

Today everyone craves for their presence – be it online or in print or any other way. If you want your brands to be noticed or seen, then what other way than search engines! People prefer to use search engines for almost everything. Basically a search engine has more visibility than other medium. There are unnecessary expenses, as you need to pay only a person clicks your ad. Pay per Click advertising is also sometimes referred as Keyword advertising. Depending on the competition in the market, you can decide your budget. The Pay per click ads can be made location specific, target specific so that it reaches the right person in the right area.

Pay per click is not like any traditional form of marketing. It takes time for the people to accept this form. There are certain limitations to it. Since Pay per click is a sponsored ad, there are many people who are apprehensive of clicking it for the fear of virus or hackers. In social media, the good and the bad exist together. So sometimes it becomes difficult to judge the good from the bad. Pay per click can become a victim of hoax advertising. One more factor, which does not work in favor of Pay per Click, is even though people may click your ad, there are chances that they may not buy anything. So either way, you end up paying, even if it was not profitable to you. All said and done, Pay per click can work big time, if you have the right resources in place.

For example, hire the right influencer, plan the right strategy and the results will surprise you!

Divert the right traffic to your ads by choosing the right plan. Make your ad work for you and increase your visibility. The best way to enhance your brand is to divide the extra traffic to your website and increase your search ratings. Instead of posting one ad in one location, expand your boundaries by making different ad copies and posting it in different locations. That way, your ad can reach to larger segment of customers. It has been seen that large brands and companies resort to pay per click advertising to create awareness about new product or plans. The trick is to generate enough traffic so that your brand creates the required buzz. For that create a website, followed by setting up adword account and run your ads in most searched search engine. Pay per click ads are cost efficient as you have full account of money spent, in form of clicks, views or visits. Pay per Click can yield fast results if you are willing to experiment in terms of adwords, locations and target audience. Once the right combination clicks, that’s when Pay Per click will show its magic! Create a right campaign to grab more eyeballs, make your presence felt on all leading search engines and start reaping benefits.

Though pay per click form of advertising is like a turtle in the race of increasing social media, but it is slowly and steadily gaining popularity among business owners and startups.
Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC

PPC Internet Marketing Services in India

At Sarthak Web Designs we are offering a path for the entrepreneurs to develope their business through online. One such excellent service we offer for online marketers is Pay Per Click digital marketing. This PPC marketing has been emerged as one of popular tool among marketers for better and quick conversion. If you are new to the field of online marketing and don’t have much skills on shortcuts to reach your customers then we are here to help and support you to reach your target audience. We work as a bridge between you and your customers and help you to get huge profit.

If you are starting up a new company the first thing you think of is marketing. Every business person may think about the concept marketing. You too may have a fear about how to reach your customers. The big solution for this marketing is digital marketing since the usage of internet has been emerged tremendously in this technological era. We recommend you to create the site for development of your product. Bringing your product to your customers through the seo optimized site is one of the way to reach your audience. Now PPC internet marketing has grown as successful trend in online marketing field. PPC advertising is one of the advantageous form in which you have the complete control on the money you are going to spend.

Pay Per Click

We have experts to work on you PPC services with much concentration in order to deliver huge Return of Investment and high conversion at little investments. PPC is the cost effective marketing strategy and the fastest Search Engine Marketing technique to drive out huge traffic to your site. This service allows you to advertise your product to the customers when they need it.

We are expertise in directing the traffic to your site from other sites. Hence many readers can become a customer to your product. You may think how PPC works in your business. I have some answers for you to understand how it works for you to spread your product or to draw customers to your side.

Role of PPC internet marketing to reach targeted audience

To reach audiences for your product just create most attracting ads online and place it in most well renowned search engines and leading sites. If your ads are designed in an attracting way then it will lead the reader of the page to click on your ad which will direct them to your site. This will lead a huge traffic to your site. More conversion using PPC services is obtained by following the three major rules of marketing via online more precisely. The pillars of the PPC are ad copy or quality, Keyword research and optimization, and finally the landing page relevance.

Services offered by us for your PAY PER CLICK project

  • The thing which attracts the customers in an ad is the keyword. We do a thorough in depth analysis of your product and we select the best keyword that suits your project.
  • We mostly concentrate on setting a perfect bidding amount with low budget and high quality ads.
  • Bid management is one of the service we offer to you to develope your business.
  • We analyze for the comprehensive competitors on your field to bring out completely different and unique ads.
  • We not only create and publish ads for you and we extend our work by tracking your conversion using several major tools.

We follow several strategies in order to meet you requirements in PPC internet marketing.

  • One of the most useful strategy we follow with this online service is remarketing where we redefine your ads to reach targeted audience
  • We set and design the clients expectations to improve the quality of the ads
  • Brainstorming about the keywords and content to be added in the ads is one of the important strategy we follow in our company
  • Before getting into the development phase we audit your existing account and marketing activities to follow the new and unestablished path to create an unique ads

At Sarthak Web Designs we let you know about the activities we are carrying out to improve your profit and marketing with fully defined reports.

Benefits obtained by choosing us as a supporter for your online marketing

If you are bounded with Sarthak Web Designs for your marketing through online We will find the absolute way to reach your customers and we keep an eye on your marketing too. We will design an ad with all the relevant and attracting information about your product or brand to draw customers to click on your ad which will direct them to your site and thus the reader of any famous site will be your customer soon.

Our PPC internet marketing services is one of the most affordable and effective services available for creating exclusive ads and contents in India. Just contact us and give the product details and then leave the rest to us. We work from the scratch for the development of products by connecting your site with top sites and readers.

We also consider your investment in online marketing and give you the best ad products in the cost effective way in India. We work on your PPC development to give a better visibility to your site in a less time. We present your ads in various trending sites of Google.

Contact us

If you want to hire a separate team to develope your marketing team through various strategies then you need extra time and money to spend on your own. To save your time and bucks then reach us to easily reach your customers. We act as a tool to spread your product by developing a best site and ads. We need little cooperation to know the details of your product and then rest back and look at your other business activities. We work for you by giving our best at economical cost in India.

If you need further guidance make a call to 91-9650511907

For more details about our services visit

Or let us know your interest via mail: info at sarthakwebdesigns dot com


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Our Services

Sarthak Web designs is one of the leading web solutions company based in New Delhi India, providing Search engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and web designing and development services to its client across the globe at very competitive rates.

sarthak Creative Web Development Services in India Affordable Web Development Services in India PPC Internet Marketing Services

Creative Web Development Services in India Affordable Web Development Services in India Internet Marketing Services

We have a team of very skilled professionals who are expert into their respective field and we provide following services:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Website Design and Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Search Engine Optimization or more commonly known as SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. We provide SEO services at very competitive rate.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services

Social media optimization (SMO) is the use of a number of social media outlets and communities to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product, brand or event.  We provide SMO Services at very competitive rates.

Website Design and Development

We are an onshore and offshore website designing and development company Delhi, India, with a strong team of very talented and skilled website designers and front end developers. We provide website designing and development services at very competitive rates.

Our services also have a very attractive and affordable pricing

  • E-Commerce Website (Starting from Rs.20,000*)
  • Customize ERP/CRM Software  (Starting from Rs.50,000*)
  • Creative, Responsive & Dynamic Corporate Website Designs (Only Rs.10,000)
  • SEO (with plan and activities- Starting from Rs.20,000*)
  • SMO (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Myspace etc.-Starting from 2,000)
  • PPC (Pay Per Click-starting from 3,000)
  • Mobile Apps Development (Android, iOS, Windows etc.) Starting from Rs.25,000*)

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