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Affordable SEO packages in India

Affordable SEO packages in India Are you new to business, and then just ensure about the importance of online marketing. Since it is the technological era everyone has started searching for each and every thing in internet.  In such case if your business detail is not available in online then you will be failed to…


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Affordable SEO packages in India

Are you new to business, and then just ensure about the importance of online marketing. Since it is the technological era everyone has started searching for each and every thing in internet.  In such case if your business detail is not available in online then you will be failed to reach customers which will affect your business badly. Creating a website is an easy task, but ranking in Google, Yahoo and other search engines is a difficult thing to maintain. SEO is the tool which will help to enhance your visibility and uniqueness of your website.

Before knowing about Sarthak Web Designs SEO packages first let me give a quick look about SEO and its importance in online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization is the performance done to increase the quality and quantity of the traffic to your website. Following SEO rules allows the website owners to optimize their sites to rank first in search engine results. The reason why the Search Engine Optimization is important has been listed here.

The internet users will prefer first 5 websites to get their search results. So your aim is to be at the top position to gain customers. SEO will provide a better platform to improvise your website.

It can also improve the quality of the website to provide best experience to the users, which is one other technique to draw many customers.

SEO is an important tool which will help to promote your site via social media. If people find your site and product is best by previewing your site, they can promote it in Face book, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

If your website is accessed by several authors and then SEO is necessary inorder to run your big site efficiently. You will be benefited by having a familiar framework to employ.

The SEO can be employed to overcome the competition. If you optimize your site then automatically your sites performance will be improved which will increase the visitors to your site, and if you provide better usability experience and attractive details about your product, the rate of customers will be increased.

Factors affecting Search engine ranking


The first and foremost important factor that affects the Google search engine ranking is content. Positive and relevant content will improve your rank.


Keyword in the title tag and Meta description tag, a relevancy signal is the next major factor affecting the website optimization. Right keyword should be preferred at the start of the title


More and divergent links from various wide ranges of domains in your content will earn high score. The key factor for a better link building is to create a better content people yearns for. Your content should be much perfect thus your site link can be used a backlink for other authorities and thus Google will read your content as more relevant one.

Mobile experience

Mobile friendly sites will be mostly preferred by the Google than others. Nearly 100 domains at the top in Google will have better mobile user experience. The speed of the website plays a major role in better user experience.

We Sarthak Web Designs work for you to overcome these factors and provide you the better Search Engine Optimized website. You can get best service to reach customers from us. The following are the affordable services available for you to improve your site performance.

  • Analysis of your website and provide recommendation and ideas to improve your site performance.
  • Link building services
  • We provide you the detailed report by analyze your competition in the market to create uniqueness in your product
  • Social media optimization services to promote your site via social media
  • Control flow of the website and navigation of your site
  • Report based on the analysis of the keyword and recommends the more accurate keywords
  • We give positive content with matching title, html tags, and description about your product with more relevant information
  • URL architecture creation
  • Txt creation and analysis
  • Fresh Web content suggestions

The above given are some of the On page SEO which makes your site search engine and user friendly. In this few components are just optimized to be understandable by the search engines.

Off site SEO is one another SEO technique which makes sure that you have provided enough inbound links to highlight your content with other references. The number of incoming links in your website will agree on the position of your site in the search engine results. There are various services available in Sarthak Web Designs to bring your site to the top in Google.

Some of the Off Site SEO activities with us:

  • Social Bookmarking and innovative Social network creation
  • 1 way and 2 way linking
  • Directory, quality article, press release, classifieds submission
  • Attractive and keyword specific blog submissions
  • Video which provide complete information about your product will be provided
  • RSS feed and Search engine result analysis report submission
  • Code optimization

Why should you choose us?

You may have the question what is uniqueness with us to choose us to submit your tension of online marketing. At Sarthak Web Designs we have passionate experts to work on your problem to create and establish a better site and creating a huge traffic to your site. Another advantage with us is the availability of the cheap, affordable and best quality services. Tell us your expectation and requirements along with the information regarding your product and company. We will provide your current status and the ways to improve it and we will work on it and regularly update the report of the work done on your website for better performance.

About Sarthak Web Designs

We are one of the best web designing and web development companies in India. We are expertise in various online marketing services and have various clients who trust us in developing their website. To get information about our activities contact us via Email: info@sarthakwebdesigns.com

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To know about your site activities just send your requirements and your company profile to the email given above. For further details check out official website www.sarthakwebdesigns.com