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Optimizing your Website for Mobile Search

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As the good folks in google swear testimony to, the mobile platform is the one to focus for the website developers. As the users are more and more getting used to carrying their smartphones with them and trusting the small intricacies and nuances in the hand of these small devices, searches for various websites are happening on the mobile platform.

Unfortunately, the compatibility of the mobile websites is another story. Most of the web pages are not compatible to the mobile platform. Primarily because of the lack of dynamics of the content, the lack of grid fluid design and dependence on java content.

A website is deemed compatible if:

1.FLASH isn’t used to render the content.

  1. Viewport is properly configured in the meta head.
  2. Responsive design is used instead of the fixed width viewport.
  3. Content is sized to viewport.
  4. The touch element are not placed too closely.

A few websites to check the mobile friendliness of the website is given as follows:




And as always, the faster the website loads the happier is google and other search engines. Primarily because of the inferiority in speed of mobile networks as compared to the broadband resources available to the desktop. There are a few websites where you can check the speed of your website load time.


Let’s face it, the task is heavily complicated and more often than not the result will be uglier than you think. We, at Sarthak Web Designs have perfected the method of Mobile Phone Optimization for the websites, and you can trust the experts to find out the best solutions for your website and implement it.

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