Smart tactics to generate heavy traffic, not just ranking!

Smart tactics to generate heavy traffic, not just ranking!

The first idea that you just have to consume is researching about what is driving instant website traffic to your competitors. Efficiently researching the publications that offer tremendous traffic, carefully pitching them and optimization of the same does and will always give you exactly what you are looking for! There are a lot of SEO marketing techniques which surely can drive useless traffic to your website if you want but here I am taking your time to talk about statistics and tell you the tactic. Following are the two tactics rapidly used by experts that are fruitful and not futile.

The first tactic is exactly as simple as it sounds and works.

Identifying link partners:

We get good sources of driving traffic through three ways – competitor research, google search ranking and influencer’s.

Tools like Similar Web can tell you the types of growth strategies and SEO optimization techniques your idols use and all you have to do is note down the publications that are making their business grow. Similar Web does not only let you know who is linking to your competitors but also give you the perk of the statistics of their traffic.

Become a smart investigator and evaluate the sites that are providing traffic to the competitors and DO NOT MISS to check for quality. Beware of the content scrapers who love stealing content from another website and will do the same with your masterpiece.  After verifying them, proceed and approach them for a link. But don’t be a blind sheep. You don’t have to get a link from any site that is driving traffic to your competitors but the ones that list top on google search rankings and figure-out if any of them is a good link building partner.

You can get free or sponsored listings through vertical-specific directories.

The more in-depth research you do, the fewer chances of getting trapped by top spammers. Don’t blindly believe on what you are being served. Thoroughly judge and trust only the sites that customers prefer to use like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Also, if you want to shoot for the moon, try approaching social influencers via their social channels. They have a huge fan base and might accept your submitted content if it fits according to their work and website.

Believe in yourself and don’t settle for less. Aim to get guest posting opportunities on major websites. These sites can turn your exceptional content into quality leads. Seeing the byline in major outlets, the prospect will get impressed. But submit only the best you have as authors of such websites are professionals and will not accept anything less than exceptional.

Along with doing this, don’t spread but carefully share your content on community forums. Don’t be a pain and spam the users with your own content. Rather, regularly engage with the readers and familiarize with them. Answer their questions and appreciate their work in comments.


Lastly, find film industry influencers and sponsor or partner with them. Again, they have a great fan following and many look for partnership with brands. The cost of doing this may vary according to their audience size and type of campaign.

While doing all this, always remember that although you want loads and loads of traffic on your website and want to get famous, you just cannot and must not forget google linking guidelines. Disclose all financial relations to FTC guidelines and don’t act smart. Sneakingly shedding links in any content you send to anyone will only make sure it doesn’t get anywhere.

Evaluate your success

Cliché to say but this is the most important part of the journey. Review your work every month and check with google analytics to reckon how much traffic each site you worked with is bringing. It would take only a short span of time to understand which sites are worth spending time on. Our ultimate goal is brand awareness so check if how much your efforts have paid off in that regard. Check Google trends or Google Keyword Planner. Both the Direct and organic traffic will flow to your website through efficient branding campaigns. By carefully tracking this you can be sure of what does and does not work and gain long-term benefits.

Always remember, your efforts will pay off if they are true and ethical. Be sure to engage with as many quality sites you can, follow the above steps and you will be able to not just get rank better but transform your content into better, quality traffic!