Real-Time Social Media Analytics

Real time social media analytics

To know what is social media analytics let’s get a glimpse on activities in social media and why it is needed and how we can use it for our favor.

Nowadays social media usage is growing faster among people. Not only the usage, its features and functions also have developed and growing up faster. First social media is used for connecting people, now it has been helping in many ways for the marketers. Social media marketing became the big field where more companies are investing to connect the people with their products. They use facebook, twitter, Linkedin, and many social media sites to develop their business.

Those who are using social media as a time pass can pay out more time to see the likes and followings, but many companies who have invested their money into the social media marketing likes to know their performance in the form of reports. Analyzing and drawing out huge data which are in the unstructured form is a little difficult job. Social media analytics tools are available to generate the real time performance in the social media and to compare the social profiles against competitor and industry.  These data let the brand owner to know the attachment of customers towards their brand, issues to be rectified in their product and the expectation of the customers. It helps you to improve your market strategy by giving you required data.

Here there is some information about the best social media analytics tools

Free Heatmap Analytics

It is the tool where you can visualize the behavior of your site. It even helps the inexperienced marketers to analyze which content is hot in their website among users. It is ultimately free where you can view approximately 1,000,000 pageviews per site.

UserHeat provides 5 types of heatmap from which you can understand the choice of the user

  1. Attention Heatmap

The name gives you the definition. It gives you detail of the attention made by the customer on the specific area in visual form (red color).

  1. Scroll Depth Heatmap

Here you can recognize how far your visitors scroll your page and where they are leaving the page.

  1. Click Heatmap

Here you can see what your visitors are clicking in the site

  1. Mouse Movement

This works based on the movement of the mouse in the site from which you can capture what they are focusing on the site and can improve it further.

  1. Leaving Area

It is the one from which you can analyze the place where your visitors stops and leaves your site.

Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite gives you the precise overview of your social media activities like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with visualization data from which you can easily understand your status and level in your site. It provides you the chance to track and get unlimited reports where you can find the indepth performance of your activity.


It tracks your posts which hold your keywords and hashtags in twitter and Instagram.  Use Keyhole to know your real time dashboard, which helps you to know how much people are responding to your posts.

Using keyhole let you to know who is mostly gets engaged with your brand. Price for this tool is $29 – $199 USD per month.


Make a perfect bonding with Socialbakers to know the performance and status of your product in online media like Facebook, Instagram, youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, VKontakte. You can get reports of your performance in PPT, Excel, PNG and PDF forms for your easy understanding. Let’s get the visual report of all your social media within seconds in single place.


Let’s get the result what everybody is thinking and saying about your company or products and about your competitors. It’s a simple process just typing the name of your company will let you monitor your brand for free.


It gives you the free plan to know all the engagement status for each and every post you update on linkedin, Facebook, Google+, and twitter. You can get the top tweet regarding your post immediately in buffer.


ViralWoot has both free plan and paid service which works beyond the analytics. This can help you to have new followers and can prop up pins. Pinterest influence, activity of your visitor, status of your followers and the way to increase the stats are the features which you can know on ViralWoot.



Google Analytics

It let you know how much visitors are visiting your site and the referral status about your marketing strategy can be known through Google Analytics. This free plan helps the marketers to reduce their burden on marketing sector.


Instagram and Pinterest marketing solution is the Tailwind. Let you monitor and analyze the conversation on the performance of your brand. Number of posts, likes and followers in the instagram for your ads are also known through this tool.


Get the snapshot of your search on just entering your brand keyword, username or hashtag. It gives you the perfect data on the reach, contributions, activity in form of graph and charts. It’s just an amazing tool to study your marketing trend if you are willing to spread your posts through Twitter.


It let you to improve by analyzing your flaws in your Twitter profile. Demographics and interests of your customers are tracked to know which area can be improved through this tool.

IBM Watson Personality Insights

Personality theory and linguistic analytics are the features used by IBM to analyze the performance of your brand. It gives you the accurate analysis report to get rid of your obstacles in reaching your customers.

These are only few tools to develop your brand through connecting to more people.  There are several such tools which give you the way to understand where you are in Social Media Marketing. By analyzing what customers are expecting from a brand using the reports try to improve to impress the visitors and which will indirectly let them to commercialize your product.



Social media analytics is the practice of gathering data from social media websites and analyzing that data using social media analytics tools to make business decisions.
The most common use of social media analytics is to mine customer sentiment to support marketing and customer service activities.
Social Media Analytics as a part of social analytics is the process of gathering data from stakeholder conversations on digital media and processing into structured insights leading to more information-driven business decisions and increased customer centrality for brands and businesses
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