Online Marketing

Online Marketing

This is the new and trending method that companies are opting all over the world. Online Marketing or Digital Marketing, a new way of selling products and services to customers. As easy as it sounds, online marketing has its own set of challenges with so much competition around. One has to be on his toes and be creative with quick thinking.

Online Marketing and its different forms:

We’ve already heard a lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it can work wonders with

the right kind of content and the right key words. This is one of the best ways of optimizing your online

content without any payment. A free service.

Then there is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Similar to SEO, but a paid version. Many marketers pay some amount of money for displaying their ads with google and hope to drive traffic towards their product or website.

Content marketing is used to attract and retain customers by consistently creating new and valuable content. In simple terms, this is the method used for communicating with your customers without selling any product.

Referral marketing or Affiliate marketing. Often used when you share your product profits with other fellow marketers while promoting your own products. You can either join this kind of marketing individually or you can affiliate with a company on commission basis.

Used in a vast scale, and one of the most effective method is Email Marketing. This is the only mode wherein, you can easily contact your customers. But make sure you have their permission to do so, else you would just be violating customer account.

Another popular term used is Social Media marketing. Everywhere you look around you have the right tool to promote your products and services using social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,

Snapchat, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube. Etc. are some of the favored applications. Few tips on how to use social media websites for Online Marketing.


Loved by all! Who doesn’t like to be clicked and followed? But the trick here is to generate as manyfollowers as possible.

Stick to one topic. This shows your passion and authenticity. If you are good at health and fitness then share best practices to staying healthy. If you like photography, share your best practice and advise on right kind of lens and cameras, tricks to click better picture. Be as honest as possible in your posts. The key is to update your page regularly with new photos, videos and content.

 Use creative captions and emoji cons.

 Know when to stop and not overdo it.

 Use hashtags, one of the most critical aspect in posting.

 Interact and engage with users. Talk to your followers. Leave useful comments and trails.


Remember the days when Facebook was popular for Farm games and different quizzes. Well, it doesn’t stop here. Facebook is one of the most popular medium to promote Online Marketing.

 Be as creative as possible while commenting. This gets the attention of the customer. Try to use

more video message in responding to your customer. Most important, don’t wait, respond

immediately to your customer.

 Try to engage with your customer and promote your product. We say promote your product not sell

your product. Facebook is the right platform to interact with your customer. Give them time to

understand your product and services.

 Include blogs and commentary articles on your Facebook page. Upload video messages. Arrange a small quiz or a feedback survey asking your customers to submit responses. Keep a gift card as a prize.

Again – be honest!!


Short and sweet, that’s how we would describe twitter.

 Make sure you complete your profile. Customer should know where you come from and who you

are. This also allows them to decide if they want to follow you.

 Add a header tweet. You can use it to emphasize your product or service with other relevant visuals.

 All about connections. It’s not about increasing your connections but, finding the right kind of


 Be an active participant in sending tweets. The more tweets you send the more people will follow.

Interesting, eye catching and funny should do the trick.