Making Money with Google Adsense

Making ­­money on Google AdSense

What if I tell you that with the engaging content  you have can attract both the visitors and a subtle cash flow. Yes! That is right. The Google AdSense is one such program that helps you with this. In this article, I will explain to you how AdSense can make you money and what are some important guidelines to keep in mind while in order to reach your goal.

Google AdSense is a contextual advertisement program that allows you to run a number of advertisements on your website, YouTube videos or even blogs which eventually turn into money when clicked by visitors.

Now, always keep in mind that you cannot generate tons of money out of AdSense and it’s not like you’d get paid for doing nothing. AdSense pays you on the basis of the clicks visitors make on the advertisements that you choose to display on your site. So ultimately the advertisements have to be so interesting that they make the visitor click.

Here are a few advantages of using AdSense.

Free to join and easy to learn: This is a free program that anybody can understand real quickly.

Monthly payment by Google if you meet the $100 threshold.

Varied advertisements to choose from according to the overall look of your website.

A complete control panel that lets you run advertisements on different channels with a single AdSense account and also easily add to your YouTube or blogger accounts.

Flexibility to run ads on mobile devices and RSS feeds as well

Now, there are also a few things to keep in mind before you start using AdSense:

  • Read out the guidelines carefully before using the program as in the event that you violate them, Google may terminate your account permanently.
  • Don’t click on your advertisements, invite clicks or buy PPC space as it is against the AdSense rules.
  • You must have a great content to showcase your targeted market.
  • You must make sure to use organic traffic building techniques such as SEO and article marketing.

Never forget to read emails from Google especially if it’s a complaint or about something google doesn’t like on your website. If you ignore these complaints, Google will terminate your account immediately.

Just like any online income targeted traffic comes to your website in order to make money.

While you make money when a visitor clicks on an ad, it also leaves your website.

Advertisement variety on AdSense.

Text ads: Text ads use words as ad unit (one offer) or link unit (list of offers). The text box color, link or the size can also be changed according to your requirements.

Image ads: As the words explain itself, Image ads are graphic ads and you can also mix both text and image ads.

Video advertisements

Flash advertisements

Rich media advertisements: Ads including HTML, flash and many interesting features.

Audio advertisements.

AdSense for search: AdSense for search allows you to add a search box to your website. Its advantage is that when your visitor conducts a search the results show up with AdSense ads



You can get payments from Google AdSense via direct deposit or check but only when your earnings reach or exceed at least $100. But don’t worry, your earnings can roll over to the next month in case you don’t earn it in one month. When you reach a $100 threshold, you receive your payment for the next payment period. You can see your wallet, how well your advertisements are doing, how many clicks they are getting and much more right through your AdSense account.


Dealing with competitors and questionable ads

Sometimes you may find that some of the ads that you see on your website come from your competitors or they falsely affect your target audience.

In that case, Google AdSense allows you to block about 200 URLs that you don’t want any ad from and prevent useless advertisements to show up on your website.

Two of the common challenges you will face while doing this is.

  1. You have to see the advertisements on your website first in order to ban them.
  2. You have to be very careful while obtaining the URL to block since you cannot click on your own advertisements. The best way to do so is to copy the link address and paste it into notepad. Look for the section from where you can identify the advertiser. Now all you have to do is to copy that address and paste it right into your AdSense blocked ads account.



Making Money with AdSense

Making a significant amount of money with AdSense requires a plan. Here are tips for maximizing AdSense revenue:

  • Read and adhere to Google’s rules. Webmasters must comply with Google’s webmaster policies as well as the AdSense program policy.
  • Don’t click on your own ads or ask others to click on them. Incentivizing clicks, buying Pay Per Click (PPC) space, or using a program designed to drive traffic to AdSense pages are against the rules.
  • Have great content your target market wants to read.